Raw and authentic

Eddy Merckx pictured by Stephan Vanfleteren


Wow. That’s the only word that pops up when I see this picture. The photographer is Stephan Vanfleteren, a Belgian photographer. This photo shows Eddy Merckx. Mister Merckx is a flamish cycling star. He’s a legend who has won the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia five times.

On this photo you see that mister Merckx is a youthful man. I think Stephan Vanfleteren captured that characteristic very well. The black-and-white of the photograph show the distinctive face of Eddy Merckx. All Vanfleterens work is shot in black and white and contains a lot of portraits. For some reason he knows how to photograph people and showing us who they really are. Without acting or glamour. His work is raw and authentic. That’s why I like it.

X. a.t.



Have you already seen the spring/summer 2012 Mulberry campaign? It’s just so funny and cartoonesque. I still dream of icecreams bigger than me, and the whole campaign also shows enormous lollipops and much more candy. It reminded me of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’!

Gigantic icecreams aren’t the only thing I dream of when I think of Mulberry. I would kill for a Bayswater, a Hobo or an Alexa. But besides that, for me the Mulberry campaign shows that the brand isn’t taking themselves too seriously. And that’s a good thing! People should never take themselves too seriously. After this valuable message, I would like an immense icecream please.



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Read carefully!

Hi everybody,

at first I should warn you. The name of the blog ‘anonymous tiger’ may raise false expectations. Tiger is most of the time associated with sexy stuff or the almost extinct animal. If you expect one of those two, I would, for your own sake, ask you to leave this blog. You will be tremendously dissapointed. And for those who didn’t leave I’ll tell you what my blog will be about. The anonymous tiger will share every bit of the world I’m interested in with you. For example, fashion, music, photography (although I’m not a photographer, just an amateur with an opinion. I hope that will do) and a lot more! Finally, I wish you will not have trouble reading my English. I’m just a student from the Netherlands. So excuse me for any mistakes.

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